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-=The Finest Creative Loss Of Grace=-

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30 June
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Translation of the whispers so you can understand......

Once there was a girl named Jenny .
She was like all the other girls ,
except for one thing .
She always wore a green ribbon
around her neck.

There was a boy named Alfred
in her class.
Alfred liked Jenny ,
and Jenny liked Alfred.

One day he asked her ,
"Why do you wear that ribbon
all the time ?"
"I cannot tell you ,"said Jenny .
But Alfred kept asking ,
"Why DO you wear it ?"
And Jenny would say ,
"It is not important ."

Jenny and Alfred grew up
and fell in love .
One day they got married.

After their wedding,
Alfred said,
"Now that we are married ,
you must tell me
about the green ribbon ."
"You still must wait ,"
said Jenny .
"I will tell you
when the right time comes."

Years passed.
Alfred and Jenny grew old .
One day Jenny became very sick .

The doctor told her
she was dying .
Jenny called Alfred to her side .

"Alfred ,"she said ,
"now I can tell you
about the green ribbon .
Untie it ,
and you will see
why I could not tell you before."
Slowly and carefully ,
Alfred untied the ribbon ,

and Jenny's head fell off.
addiction, amnesia, anger, antagonism, assimilate, blue serge, burnt with water, cage, candle, chainsaw, convulsion, cult, curcible, death, deep down trauma hounds, dig it, dogshit, draining faces, far too frail, first aid, glass houses, god's gift (maggot), grave wisdom, hardset head, harsh stone white, hexonxonx, hospital waste, human disease (s.k.u.m.m.), icebreaker, love, morpheus laughing, morter, natures revenge, one time one place, process, rain, rash reflection, second tooth, shadow cast, shore lined poison, sleeping beast, smothered hope, solvent, spasmolytic, state aid, t.f.w.o., tear or beat, testure, the choke, the mourn, three blind mice, tin omen, tormentor, vx gas attack, who's laughing now, worlock

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